March 4-7 : Pure 3.5 & 3.5/4.0 Combo Teams

  • Mach 4               Welcome reception

  • March 5-7          Tennis Tournament

March 11-14: Pure 4.0 & 4.0/4.5 Combo Teams

  • Mach 11             Welcome reception

  • March 12-14      Tennis Tournament


  • A team consists of a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 6 players.

  • Two double teams are playing at the same time.

  • Combo teams – If only one higher ranked player, she is on court 1 paired with lower ranked partner

  • You may have one higher ranked player per court, paired with a lower ranked partner.

  • No two higher ranked players may be on the same court.

Comment on the Corona Virus Situation

I am proceeding with the registration for this event because I am an eternal optimist. I do not know what March next year will look like and if there will still be problems with the virus and the holding of sport events. – If the only requirement is social distancing, we will be ok. Additional restrictions or guidelines could influence the event.  I am not sure yet about the fun social things we like to do, but we will see about those closer to the date. –


If you get drawn and want to plan accommodations – do so only with a refund clause in case things get bad again.  I cannot be responsible for your trouble with rentals, should we have to cancel last minute.  –  always consider a way out in your planning, since things are out of our control. - 


I am optimistic that we will be able to hold the event unless something drastic happens.

For questions about any of the cups, please see Contact Us to reach out to the respective tournament director.  Thank you!