The Chocolate Cup !

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Some Hang Time in Vail Village!

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Marked Our 15th


Join us for some Incredible Tennis at the wonderful Vail Racquet Club and Mountain Resort for a more intimate (than Margarita Cup) but robust Cup, full of tantalizing and irresistible (and potentially bittersweet?) tennis play!   

The Chocolate Cup offers tons of fun over a full week! In 2022, we have the following:

Chocolate Perfection blends together again in 2022!



The arrival meeting includes an afternoon mixer, a Welcome Dinner & fun activities so that teams can meet and  play OFF the courts too!

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Great Tennis - with 9(!) matches over 3 days. Teams comprised of 4-6 players compete in doubles in timed pro-sets in two divisions.

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Bittersweet   = 3.5/4.0

Milk Chocolate = 4.0/4.5

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Tennis, Friends and Food - and don't forget dessert! :) Three healthy lunches provided - amidst the aspen trees & mountains! 

To register for the Chocolate Cup 2022, please email Chris.

The Vail Racquet Club offers excellent accommodations and single or multiple rooms for you and your team.  Nestled in the mountains and rivers flowing all around, you can walk to the courts and easily shuttle/bus/drive to Vail Village.  Please click on the image (right side) for more info. and to reserve room(s) for you or your team. 

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