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1. Tell Me How is works "in a nutshell" please!

  1. The Gourmet Cup tournaments are team tennis competitions for ladies. You need a MINIMUM of 4 ladies playing two doubles AT THE SAME TIME. A 5th or 6th player may be added for rotating new team players for new games.

  2. Play consists of 9 rounds in 3 days, but not necessarily scheduled as 3:3:3, but according to available courts. Each division plays half a day with mornings and afternoons alternated.

  3. The playing divisions vary between the Cups. Mostly there are two divisions: 3.5/4.0 combo and 4.0/4.5 combo teams. See the restrictions for each Cup on the Home Page by clicking on the respective Cup.

  4. Some Cups have 4 divisions because they are held on two weekends (e.g. Margarita, Chocolate, Champagne.)

  5. Tequila and Sangria – might include a Mixed doubles element, depending on the composition of the group.

2. How to I register my team?   Registration for each tournament is based on a lottery and that lottery is at a specific day and time – consisting of an email to coordinator.  Registration does not guarantee a spot in the tournament: a lottery system is used to accept registrations.  Details of when to submit your email to register is announced on website.  When registering, we hope you can please provide in the email:

  • Captain´s name

  • Team origin (city/state)

  • Team playing level 3.5/4.0 or 4.0/4.5

3. How do I know what division to register my team in?    This depends on whether the distinct divisions play separate weekends or same weekend.   Please note that ...

For Divisions in Cups held on two separate weekends:

  • 3.5/4.0 teams can have one 4.0 on each court paired with a 3.5

  • 4.0/4.5 teams can have one 4.5  on court 1 and 2, paired with a 4.0 respectively

For Divisions in Cups held on one weekend:

  • 3.5/4.0 teams can have one 4.0 on each court paired with a 3.5

  • 4.0/4.5 teams can have only one 4.5  on court 1 paired with a 4.0, and two 4.0s on court 2

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