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How to Register for Citrus Cup 2024 at Saddlebrook in Florida's Tampa Bay

To request a spot, send an email to on June 1, 2023 before 5pm (EST timezone).


  • Do NOT send before June 1, 2023.

  • ONLY the team captain sends an email to reserve the team spot.

  • The following information MUST be included:

    • Do you want 3.5/4.0 division OR 4.0/4.5 division?

    • Team's City and State

    • Team Captain’s Name, Email and Phone Number

  • Each team will be entered into a drawing (lottery).

  • All teams will be notified by June 10th.

    • Teams not selected will be added to a wait list.

    • Teams that are selected will be provided with next steps including:

      • Sending non-refundable $175 registration fee - spots are not secured until the fee is received.

      • The balance of $175 per player will be due September 1.



Saddlebrook is a resort offering lodging, golf, tennis, restaurants, spa and pool.

Click Here to Learn More



Thursday, February 1 to Sunday, February 4, 2024

  • Welcome Event is February 1st at 5:30pm. This is a mandatory event for captains AND players. It's a fun event with teams wearing outfits that reflect their team theme/name. Event will include food, fun, music and cash bar. It is recommended that you arrive on Wednesday and relax by the pool.

  • Tennis Cup play is February 2 to 4. Teams receive their play schedule at the Welcome Event on Thursday.

  • Following play on Sunday the 4th, we will end with an awards ceremony.


About Citrus Cup: 

Citrus Cup is a women’s doubles tournament. Yes, its competitive but its for fun and friendship!

  • There is a no grump, no grouch and no complain rule...smiles, energy and cheering are rewarded!

  • Teams consist of 4 to 6 players (see division rules below)

  • 9 matches over 3 days

  • Space is limited to 12 teams in each division. 

  • Citrus Cup is on clay courts



  • Cost is $175 per player. The $175 covers 3 days of match play, welcome event, court time, balls, lunch on Friday and Saturday, and small prizes.

  • Accommodations and travel are up to you and at your expense. 

  • Saddlebrook Resort will provide Citrus Cup lodging prices; a link to options and associated discounts will be sent to registered teams.



  • Citrus Cup is comprised of two divisions.

    • 4.0/4.5 division is limited to:

      • ONE 4.5 player on court 1

      • No 4.5 players on court 2

      • 4.0/4.5 team must have a minimum of three 4.0 players on their team.

      • You can bring more than one 4.5 but you can only use one at a time.

      • Pure 4.0 teams are welcome to sign up: there will be a prize awarded to the first place straight 4.0 team

    • 3.5/4.0 division is limited to:

      • ONE 4.0 player on court 1

      • ONE 4.0 player on court 2

      • 3.5/4.0 team must have a minimum of two 3.5 players on their team

      • Pure 3.5 teams are welcome to sign up: there will be a prize awarded to the first place straight 3.5 team

  • Teams consist of a captain and a minimum of 3 additional players. 

    • There will be 4 players on the court at one time. Many teams bring a total of 5 players so they have subs. Teams are a maximum of 6.


Player Ratings: 

  • Every player should rate as follows - when in doubt, call Holly.

    • Use USTA rating IF you are currently playing USTA (2023).

    • If your level of play is higher than your USTA rating, use level of play rating.

  • We understand your desire to be competitive but please, be fair first! When in doubt, challenge yourself and play up. 



  • Very small prizes awarded...

  • First Place in Points (games won + bonus points).

  • The Welcome Dinner "GREATfruit" Award: Its all about the Welcome Dinner! Teams come dressed to represent their team name. T-shirts/costumes, creativity, energy; its about having fun! Every team that participates in the "GREATfruit" Award will begin the tournament with 4 points.

  • The "Sunshine" Award: On the final day of play, teams will vote for the team that best demonstrated fun, team spirit and sportsmanship. The Sunshine Award winner is the ONLY winner that receives a guaranteed a spot in Citrus Cup 2025.


Holly Matson


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