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2019 Margarita Cup Winners!!  

2019 Winners !! 

Winners - 3.5 Pure:       

1st Place:  Best Served Hot  -  Mercer Island, WA

2nd Pace: NCW Smash Sista´s – Wenatchee, WA

3rd place: NCW Slammin´ Sista´s – Wenatchee, WA


Winners 3.5/4.0:       

1st Place:  One More Shot - Eugene, OR

2nd Place:  Sister Act -  Anthem, AZ

3rd Place:  Smart Aces  - Salt Lake City, UT


Winners 4.0 Pure:          

1st Place:   Sweaxy and We Know It  -  Anthem, AZ

2nd Place:  Better luck Nets time – Chicago, IL

3rd Place:   Hot Pepperitas – Phoenix, AZ  

Winners 4.0/4.5: 

1st Place:   Sip´n Serve Them Up – Anthem, AZ

2nd Place:   Me2s – Washington, D.C.                           

3rd Place:  Fire-Ritas – Phoenix, AZ 


 1. Chopsticks (Japan)

 2. Gunma Girls (Japan)


2018 Margarita Cup Winners!!  


2018 Winners !! 

Winner - 3.5 pure     

1st Place:   It Takes Two - Colorado Springs

 2nd Place: Enchanted Ladies - Las Cruces

3rd Place:  Mile High Mavens - Castle Rock  

Winner 3.5/4.0          

1st Place:    40+ Love - Denver/Scottsdale 

2nd Place:  Ruffles with Ridges - Sacramento

3rd Place:   Burning Love - Anthem    

Winner 4.0 pure       

1st Place:    Balls & Dolls - Anthem

2nd Place:  Court Gestures - Phoenix

3rd Place:   Triple Sec Point - Flagstaff 



Winner 4.0/4.5  (calculated due to rain interference)

1st Place:    Prickly Pairs - Phoenix

2nd Place:  Serving up Love - Calgary

3rd Place:   Saguaro Sisters - Cave Creek

Winner 4.0/4.5      Special Guests      

1st Place:    Slender Sumos -  Japan

2nd Place:  Lady Samurais - Japan       


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