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Espresso Cup 2016 -  Hilton Head Island, SC -  May 13-15, 2016

14 teams – 2 divisions – representing 10 states

Winner – Consolation – 3.5/4.0

Love Hurts -                          Colo. Springs, CO                
Diane Burton                                       
Bobby Jo Kaleo                                    
Lori Taylor                                            
Carol McBroom   




Winner – 3.5/4.0

Racq Pacq                              Chicago, IL                          
Majorie Chen                                       
Ali Gerstad                                           
Elizabeth Egan                                      
Tammy Boone




Winner – Consolation – 4.0/4.5

Simply Smashing   Jacksonville, FL                                   

Faye Wood
Temeka Lee
Darlene Day
Poly Curole

Winner – 4.0/4.5 

Victorious Secrets                Salt Lake City, UT                               
Cyndi Jones                          
Jackie Parker                                       
Pat Duvernay                       
Simone McCinnick              
Jean Messick                        
Shawna Robertson              


Best T-Shirt:  BS´s, Port St. Lucie, FL                                               
Sandy Rae                                             
Beverley Larsen                                  
Sue Berry                                             
Baerbel  McIntyre

Miss Congeniality -  Claudia Oates, OH  (Luv-a-Latte!)  

Most difficult arrival – The Boat People from Daufuskie             
Clare Moller                         
Jackie Reynecke                  
Pam Bautista                        
Debbie Hull                          
Sue Minter                           


Next Espresso Cup – May 2017        

Questions?  Contact Christiane Schunk at

Boat People
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